Worship is a word used to describe the visible or outward expression of faith. Human beings are made of body and soul and so our interior faith needs to be expressed in word and sign.

Christian worship directly concerns the events of salvation history embodied in Jesus Christ. Christian worship is God’s communication of God’s own self in Jesus Christ and involves the human response to that revelation using emotions, words, actions and signs. Christian worship sums up the history of salvation and achieves in the most effective way possible human sanctification. It is the summit of the activity of the church as well as the fountain from which grace flows. Christian people participate in worship as a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and God’s own people by right and duty by reason of their baptism.

For further information please contact:
Stephen Obarski, Director

Damaris Thillet, Music Ministry Coordinator


Preparing for Mass

(1) Choosing a New or Revised Mass Setting for Your Parish
(2) Selecting Music for Weddings
(3) Preparation for a Funeral Mass

Liturgical Catechesis Toolkits:

(1) A History of the Liturgy
(2) The Order of the Mass
(3) The Liturgical Year
(4) The Sacraments
(5) The Mass as an Encounter with Christ and the Saints


Liturgical Ministry Ongoing Formation

(1) The Assembly
(2) The Priest at Mass
(3) The Deacon at Mass
(4) The Lector
(5) The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
(6) The Musician

Music Ministry

(1) Preparing Musically for Liturgy
(2) RCIA for Musicians