Lay Ministry

Now, in the Church of Camden, we have the tremendous opportunity to bring about vibrant and dynamic parish communities of faith, hope and love. All Catholics, who have been given rights and responsibilities by the Church in baptism, are called to participate in the life of the Church.

The Lay Ministry Formation Program offers an array of studies in theology and ministry and invites lay women and men to be formed as qualified, competent lay ministers to serve their parishes and the Diocese.

The toolkits offered here could help you to find the answers to some questions you may have such as:

What is Lay Ministry? What do Lay Ministers do?
Why is Lay Ministry important for the growth of our parish?
What is the present reality of Lay Ministry?
How can our Lay Ministers become more effective in what they do?
How can we involve qualified and experienced Lay Ministers in our parish?

Lay Ministry Formation Program Toolkits:
(1) Lay Ministers: Co-Workers in the Parish Vineyard
(2) Formation of the Lay Minister
(3) How to Apply to the Lay Ministry Formation Program

More information about the Lay Ministry Formation Program can be found at:

or by contacting:
JoLynn R. Krempecki
Director of Lay Ministry Formation