Preparing Musically for Liturgy

Preparing Musically for Liturgy


For Parish Musicians, Choir Members, Director of Music, Cantors, Priests and anyone interested in serving as a Pastoral Musician.

This Session presents and explains the process to prepare the music for the liturgy.
The Session is based on the most recent Church Document Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship

Approach to Implementation: This 2 hour work session includes a Power Point Presentation

The presentation may be divided in two parts:

Part I

What is Liturgical Music?
Making Good Choices
Questions / Answers

Part II

Comprehensive Planning
Questions / Answers

Expected Resources:
Document: Sing to the Lord Book    Price: $10.00
(Please feel free to contact the Office of Worship to order this book)
Laptop and Projector – The room should be prepared with a screen or blank wall for the PowerPoint Presentation

Note: Damaris Thillet, Director of Music Ministries, is available to facilitate this presentation, if so desired.
Damaris Thillet, Director of Music Ministries

The PowerPoint presentation is available in English and Spanish:
Preparing Musically for Liturgy PowerPoint

Preparando la Liturgia PowerPoint