(4) The Sacraments

The Sacraments

This presentation is heavily informational.   Most of the texts on the slides are direct quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
It allows the presenter and participants to move through the Sacraments and learn the multiple sources of meaning from a variety of sources.
It is recommended for people who have some experience of the Sacraments; it may be simplified by the presenter for Catechumens or Candidates for Full Communion.
It is offered at present in English, however translation is possible with sufficient notice.

The presenter
 can use the PowerPoint slides as a visual outline for his or her expansion of each of the “details” of the Sacraments.
 should be an experienced catechist, comfortable with both developing/expanding the outline and taking questions from the participants and engaging them with some thoughtful questions.
 will want to use the Catechism to help develop verbal content and accurately attribute quotes.

In preparation
 Consider how many sessions you want to offer.   The presentation may be divided into three sessions of about an hour each, or a single long session.  The logical division is:: Initiation; Healing: Vocation.
 load the Powerpoint presentation into the laptop and be sure that the laptop, projector, and screen are all ready.
 arrange comfortable seating so that participants are able to see the screen, hear the presenter, and converse with each other.
 make some provision for refreshments.

If the parish does not have a suitable presenter for this offering, contact Stephen Obarski in the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation (Stephen.Obarski@camdendiocese.org or 856-583-6146)to see if he is available, or can find someone to make the presentation.

The Sacraments PowerPoint