Getting Started: The Basics

Are you a new Pastoral Priority Point Person? First visit to our website? Need a refresher on the basics of Harvesting Gifts or Pastoral Priorities? This section addresses basic questions about: the role of the Pastoral Priority Point Person; new deanery assignments; Plan-Do-Check and the Key Factors of Successful Implementation; what parish toolkits are (the purpose of this website); and getting started in pastoral planning.

What is the role of the Pastoral Priority Point Person?

The Pastoral Priority Point Person is someone who will work very closely with the Pastor and assist him in implementing the parish’s plans.  This does not require hiring another staff member; but that the Pastor enlist the assistance of someone who is especially dedicated to the people he ministers to in the parish.

What qualifications would be helpful?
o It is crucial that the Pastoral Priority Point Person have access to his/her own email account and is comfortable using the internet.
o Has excellent communication skills – can keep in touch with the diocesan staffs and with the parishioners
o Is already a recognized leader in some capacity in the parish and has the capacity to be a leader of leaders in the parish
o Is able to mobilize committees and facilitate small groups
o Understands the importance of prayer and the six pastoral priorities
o Is future oriented and has some ability to plan pastorally
o Is generous with their time and talent and shares in the diocesan vision and the parish’s mission.

What deanery is my parish in?

Why parish toolkits?

Getting Started in Pastoral Planning