Choosing a New or Revised Mass Setting

Choosing a New or Revised Mass Setting for the Parish

Definition: For Parish Music and Liturgy Directors, Cantors, Priests and anyone that serves in a Bilingual/Multilingual – Bicultural or Multicultural Community.

Selecting new Mass parts and teaching assemblies new responses is going to be a challenge these coming months. While the changes provide an opportunity for liturgical renewal and education for celebrations in English, it is also an opportunity for renewal in your multicultural liturgies. We should use the remaining months of this year to review how the various communities in your parish have been celebrating together, and start meeting regularly now to chart the direction for intercultural worship in your parish.

This PowerPoint Presentation will look at some general suggestions and then specific options applicable to various models of intercultural celebration.
Approach to Implementation:
This hour and a half work session includes a Power Point Presentation.

The presentation may be divided in two parts:

Part I
 Analyzing / evaluating our parish model

Part II
 Reviewing and evaluating together two or three different bilingual Mass settings.

 Choosing a New or Revised Mass Setting for the parish
The Music choice should follow the guidelines in the U.S. Bishop’s document,
Sing to the Lord including a collaborative consideration of the Three Judgments:
Liturgical, Pastoral and Musical (STL # 126-136)
Expected Resources

 A Recording of two or three Mass Settings for review
 CD Player (or an accompanist)
 Laptop and Projector – The room should be prepared with a screen or blank wall for the PowerPoint Presentation
 Document: Sing to the Lord Book    Price: $10.00
(Please feel free to contact the Office of Worship to order this book)

Choosing a New or Revised Mass Setting PowerPoint


Additional Resources / Bilingual Mass Settings from different Publishers
Luna by Peter Kolar


Misa Una Santa Fe / One Holy Faith Mass by Ronald Kisman

3. (Oregon Catholic Press)
Mass of St. Barbara/Misa Santa Bárbara
By Bobby Fisher
 This bilingual Mass setting contains both English and Spanish versions of the Mass parts
4. (Oregon Catholic Press)
Misa del Pueblo Inmigrante/Mass of the Immigrants
Revised Edition – By Bob Hurd

5. (Oregon Catholic Press)
Misa Santa Cecilia/Mass of St. Cecilia
Estela García-López and Rodolfo López

6. (Oregon Catholic Press)
Misa Santa Fe
por Mary Frances Reza