Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Office is led by Gregory Coogan in collaboration with parish leaders throughout the diocese. The Youth Ministry Office has the task of discerning, evaluating and

then responding to the spiritual and faith development needs of the young people of our diocese.

Youth Ministry can be described as:

  • The church caring for its younger members
  • Community based– involving family, school and local parish
  • Walking with young people on their faith journey and facilitating their spiritual, personal and social development
  • Inviting young people to a positive experience of Church and community
  • Offering the good news of the gospel in an age appropriate , life giving and creative way

The role of the Youth Ministry Office is to vision, plan, implement and provide ongoing support and resources for youth ministry initiatives in the diocese. Many of these initiatives will happen at parish level while others (such as retreats, pilgrimages and annual youth events) will happen at diocesan level. A key task for the Youth Ministry Office is to help develop and coordinate a coherent strategy for youth ministry in the diocese which will be very important if youth ministry is to be a long term process.

Key to planning any process is to listen—so if you would like to contribute any thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc. the Youth Ministry Office would love to hear from you.

Youth Ministry Toolkits:

(1) How to Hire a Youth Minister

(2) “Building a Parish Vision of Youth Ministry” is a PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of the USCCB document “Renewing the Vision: A Framework for Youth Ministry” (1997). Please download the PowerPoint, as well as the supporting documents from the Center for Ministry Development (CMD).

Building a Parish Vision of Youth Ministry

A Comprehensive Youth Ministry Mindset

Effective Youth Ministry Practices and Models

(3) Who are the Millenials?

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions or you would like to be involved in youth ministry in the Camden Diocese we can be contacted by calling 856-583-6122 or