Faith and Family Life Formation

Faith and Family Life Formation

Faith and Family Life Formation is an important area of concern under the umbrella of Lifelong Faith Formation. Lifelong Faith Formation is an integrated journey of the entire Catholic-Christian community in response to the baptismal call to holiness as members of the Body of Christ, the Church. To assist in that journey, the staff of the Faith and Family Life Formation office have created these toolkits for parish use:

CREDO Registration for 2013-2014  If you haven’t yet joined or renewed your CREDO membership, here’s your opportunity to do so. Print out and mail your completed form and check soon. The next meeting date is Octobe 17th at Our Lady of Hope Parish, Blackwood. Don’t miss this opportunity for support and enrichment with other parish leaders!
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(10) NEW Rainbows for All God’s Children – Emotional healing for children and teens who have experienced significant loss

(9) NEW Baptized Adults Seeking Confirmation

(8) 2013-2014 Event Calendar

(7) Resources for Parish Faith Formation Leaders

(6) Guidelines for Hiring/Retention of a Parish Faith Formation Leader

(5) The Annual Parish Faith Formation Profile is available here for parish use. Please use the Excel version if you would like to edit and save your profile on your own computer. The pdf version can be printed for handwritten or typed profiles only.
Annual Parish Faith Formation Profile (Excel)

(4) Starting an Elizabeth Ministry

(3) Welcome Aboard: Hiring the Lifelong Formation Team

(2) Building for the Future: Transitioning Your Parish from Traditional Catechesis to Lifelong Faith Formation

(1) Glossary of Lifelong Faith Formation Terms


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