Temporal Services

Temporal Services
Capital Projects Process

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist Pastors and Business Managers in the planning and implementation of capital projects. This information will guide them through the process of planning, designing, funding and construction of necessary improvements to the physical plant of the parish.

Approach to Implementation
A four hour work session will be provided at various parish sites that will be facilitated by the offices of Temporal Services and Buildings. The sessions are intended for Business Managers, but Pastors are encouraged to attend. The session will take a typical capital project and work through the various steps of approval, planning, construction and follow up.

Roles and Responsibilities
Pastor and Business Manager are expected to participate in this workshop. They will provide information to the parish community, especially the Finance Council, Pastoral Council, and other ministries involved in the capital projects process.

In addition to the four hour work session, the Pastors and Business Managers will be given copies of detailed policies and procedures, lists of preferred professionals (architects & engineers) and contractors that specialize in particular types of construction. Additional help is also available from the Diocesan staff on an at need basis.

Expected Resources
The Temporal Services Office will provide the materials needed for the work session.
To receive information or assistance with a capital project question, please contact the office of the Director of Temporal Services, Larry Reader, at 856.583.2821.

It is our hope to add additional parish toolkits in the future. If you have a need we can fulfill with a toolkit, please let us know by contacting the Temporal Services office.