How to Hire a Youth Minister

What a parish needs and is looking for in a youth minister

1.   A youth minister need to be both whole and holy

A youth minister is one who:

  • Is fully integrated, mature both personally and spiritually
  • Can be one with the youth, but not one of the youth.
  • Has fun with the youth, but at the same time does not need the approval and friendship of the youth to foster one’s own self esteem.
  • Has balance and priorities in order
  1. God
  • Participates in the sacramental life of the Church
  • Has a spiritual life outside of youth ministry
  • Continually growing in relationship and love of God
  • Has a spiritual director/mentor
  • Takes time for personal prayer and spiritual reflection (e.g. retreat)
  1. Family
  • Has the maturity and balance to put first the needs of a spouse and child(ren) and/or family
  • A sign of a well balanced youth minister is someone that has friends, hobbies, and interests outside of youth ministry
  1. Profession/Ministry
  • Clear professional boundaries with youth
  • A leader is speech and action, a model Christian.

2.   A youth minister has training and/or experience

  • A youth minister should have degree in theology or a related field (see job description for more specific details)
  • The youth minister should have some training in youth ministry recognized by the Diocese of Camden in youth ministry, as well as some sort of practical experience with adolescents.

N.B. Currently the office of Lay Ministry formation offers training in youth ministry though the Center for Ministry Development,

  • The youth minister has an openness to learn and avails him/herself to ongoing formation and continual update in youth ministry.

3.   A youth minister needs to be a team player

A youth minister is one who:

  • Is accountable to the Pastor and other supervisors
  • Is willing to work with the staff and other ministries in the parish
  • Is not solely responsible for ministry to all the youth of the parish but is one who is an advocate for youth and coordinate youth activities in the parish in collaboration with other ministries and parish wide activity teams
  • Has a special relationship with the Parish Catechetical Leader in working with younger adolescents (middle school age)
  • Does not work alone and is able to form a team of adults who will develop youth ministry that is: to, with, by and for youth.

Partner with parents and families to strengthen the domestic church of the home

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