Who are the Millenials?

Who are the Millennials?

 The largest generation born between 1982-2002

  • High risk behavior is down from past generations
  • They are optimistic

Technology Generation

  • Very tech savvy
  • Have to deal with a new phenomenon of cyber bullying

Parents and other relationships

  • Parents are older than past generations
  • Have helicopter parents
  • They are the most watched and supervised generation
  • Family and friends are very important
  • They have a group mentality
  • They value diversity
  • most ethnically diverse generation

High Achievers

  • They have more things to do than there is time in a day
  • One of their major concerns is getting into a good college
  • They are highly scheduled having grown up being shuttled between practices, games and church activities like Religious education
  • They are somewhat immune from the idea of Catholic guilt
  • Change is constant in their lives
  • They have always been awarded for effort, not only for excellence.


  • non-linear thinkers
  • embrace traditional spirituality
  • embrace spiritual experiences
  • postmodern and relativistic
  • searching for truth

What we can offer as a Church

  • We can offer a place to belong
  • Church can be a place where they can feel free just to be who they are and feel safe
  • The Church needs to be a place where there is not only good youth ministry but the youth desire to belong to a strong parish.
  • Offer a sense of meaning to their lives (who am I? Why am I here?)
  • Help them to become responsible, successful adults who are active in their faith.

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This is a link to a few articles from Cultivation Ministries that have been tagged “Millennials.”  All the articles are insightful and worth reading. 

We also have some additional hard copy resources here at the diocese:  

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Finally if you would like more information and insight into the current youth ministry population I will be more than happy to come to your parish to speak to whomever about youth ministry. 

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