Why Parish Toolkits?

The 4th Key Factor for Successful Implementation of the Pastoral Priorities is the availability of resources that parishes may use to facilitate their pastoral plan for a particular priority. The diocesan offices, whose ministry is to be of service to parishes, have designed a collection of Parish Toolkits for this purpose.

How can I access a Parish Toolkit?

Since the diocese began the Harvesting Gifts phase of Pastoral Planning on September 18, 2010, a workplace on the diocesan website has been dedicated to parishes to assist them as they plan their approach to the Pastoral Priorities. These parish Toolkits may be accessed by clicking onto the name of the Pastoral Priority, such as Priestly Vocations, or other listed resource locations, and by searching for a Parish Toolkit that will address the need.


What is in a Parish Toolkit?

A Parish Toolkit is a suggested process that may be used to enhance parish life. There are some Toolkits that may be downloaded directly from the site; others may recommend the assistance of a diocesan leader; and some that may be listed on the site, but will require scheduling a visit with the diocesan leader listed there. Some are simply directions, others are worksheets, and some are programs in the form of power point presentations which may be either downloaded or requested.


Can I expect additional help?

Periodically, new Parish Toolkits will be added to Harvesting Gifts. Parishes are invited to contact the persons listed there to request toolkits that are not yet constructed or posted, and to clarify, to adapt, or to invite assistance in using a Parish Toolkit.