(2) Formation of the Lay Minister

Formation of the Lay Minister 

The U.S. Catholic Bishops, in their 2005 document, “Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord,” state, “The Church has always required proper preparation of those who exercise a ministry. Canon 231 states that ‘lay persons who devote themselves permanently or temporarily to some special service of the Church are obliged to acquire the appropriate formation which is required to fulfill their functions properly.’” (Co-Workers, 33).

The Diocese of Camden has partnered with a number of colleges, universities and other academic institutions to assist in the formation of lay ministers. Click on the Excel file below to view an outline of each of the diocese’s partnering institutions, the fields of study and degree or certificate offered, the language each program is offered in and class location for each program.

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Potential applicants must be parishioners within the Diocese of Camden and be recommended by their pastor or principal.

For further information and slide show go to:

Or contact:
JoLynn R. Krempecki
Director of Lay Ministry Formation

Spanish speaking students should contact:

Kathia Arango