(15) Hallmarks of Parish Vitality

Hallmarks of Parish Vitality


The parish Self-Assessment is designed to provide parishes with feedback that is helpful to parish leadership (pastor, staff and parish pastoral council, etc.) for future planning.

• It sets the stage for engaging parishioners in the transforming work of parish growth and renewal through current and future parish ministries.
• It provides a forum for deanery dialogue and planning designed to support each other as parishes plan for growth in vitality. 

Ways to Use:

1. This toolkit is primarily designed for use of the Parish Leadership (see attached processes).

2. A second way is to invite a small diocesan team (coordinated by the Pastoral Planning Office) who could assist in the dialogue needed and validate the self-assessment.

3. Another way is to engage in a peer review, inviting some members from other parishes to assist in the dialogue needed to validate the self-assessment.

4. Once one of the above is conducted, a parish may want to involve parishioners in the process, either through random mailing or “in pew” copies with a collection process named.  Toolkit #15 may be downloaded from http://harvesting.dev1-hw.org to the parish’s own website.  This may be printed off and distributed.  However, this way doesn’t tabulate responses or analyze them.  Responses may be tabulated and analyzed by a free or low cost Online Survey Tool that may be used on the parish’s website. Some websites already have the capacity for conducting a survey.

 Download the full toolkit: Hallmarks of Parish Vitality