(3) Invitation to Fair Trade Shopping

Fair Trade Shopping
Where Catholic meets Coffee and Chocolate
What is the Value of your Values?

1 – Do you consider yourself a wise shopper?  If so, what makes you a wise shopper?

2 – Do you believe that your purchasing choices have moral consequences?

3 – Did you ever hear of Fair Trade Coffee?  What makes coffee Fair Trade?

4 – How much coffee do you drink in your own home?  How much coffee do you buy for your Parish meetings, Rectories, Convents, Faculty Rooms, Fellowship gatherings?

5 – Is that coffee certified Fair Trade?

6 – Like most people, without your knowing, you may be contributing to poverty and human misery simply because the coffee you buy is harvested by farmers who receive an unjust wage for the work they do to assure that we enjoy coffee throughout the day.

7 – Would you want to assure the coffee farmers in developing countries receive a just or living or family wage as our Catholic Social Teaching demands?

8 – Would you like to learn how drinking certain coffees, or teas, or eating certain chocolates, or purchasing certain clothing or crafts can connect us to the hope and dreams of our sisters and brothers around the world?

9 – Do you want to organize a Fair Trade experience in your Parish or School?

If so, please contact Larry DiPaul at the Office of Life and Justice – 856-583-6119; ldipaul@camdendiocese.org  We can put you in touch with parish or Diocesan people who have coordinated Fair Trade efforts.  Perhaps, your parish Justice Ministry can organize this.

You also may want to check out the attached outline.  This will give you a skeletal outline of the Moral principles that direct us to Fair Trade choices.  These points will be developed when we have a chance to meet with interested Parishioners.

Fair Trade Notes