(2) Invitation to Parish Life and Justice Sessions

Four Parish Life and Justice Sessions

1 – Would you have a whole lot of confidence in a builder who did not refer to the blueprint?

2 – Would the house look like what the architect had in mind?

3 – Do you ever imagine God as an architect of a sacred blueprint?

4 – Do you know that, as Catholics, our Faith Formation and Faith-filled living rests on 2 pillars, the Living Word of God (Scriptures) and our Sacred Writings down through the ages (Tradition)?  Do you see Scripture and Tradition as our divine blueprint?

5 – Do you think of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist as Sacraments that call you to build the house of the Lord?

6 – Are you familiar with the blueprint that God, the architect, gives us to follow as we build the house of the Lord in the world/

7 – Would you like to explore this divine blueprint a little more?

If so, please see the attached Parish-based opportunity.  Various Parishes or groups of Parishes have already taken this journey of Prayer, Education, Information, Formation, and Transformation.  How about you?

First step: please contact Larry DiPaul, at the Office of Life and Justice – 856-583-6119; ldipaul@camdendiocese.org

Four Parish Life and Justice Sessions