(2) “We Need Money”

Introduction to “We Need Money”

This presentation involves several combined toolkits that are in a “decision tree” format.  The reader can follow the tree to determine what “level” or “type” of fundraising effort is most appropriate for their type and level of need.  Based on the outcome, the reader can then proceed to the appropriate fundraising “model” where he/she will be walked through the various steps and stages of implementation.

The presentations reference a variety of appendices (reference documents) that the reader may request from the Office of Development.

This toolkit is designed to be used by the individual reader or as a tool in interacting with the Office of Development.  If you would like to arrange a meeting or would like to receive the reference material, please call Jim Lanahan, Director of Development at 856-583-6125.

We need money

Planned giving advisory council (for the use of Pastors and Finance Councils)