Isaiah 43

In a recent letter from Bishop Galante to all of the pastors of the Diocese, Bishop Galante spoke of “a comprehensive evangelization effort throughout the diocese that will strive to renew the baptismal spirit of parishioners while engaging in various outreach actions”. This effort, the Isaiah 43 Project, requires that some preparation happen in the parishes in the coming months. To help parish staff and leaders easily find the materials they need we have created the Isaiah 43 section of the website. 

The first part of this preparation is the Hospitality and Welcoming Assessment, which Bishop Galante has directed all pastors to complete. The toolkit is available in English and Spanish. There are a number of additional resources available as well.

We also highly recommend that you clean up your ParishSoft census data prior to starting the Isaiah 43 Project. This Census Validation Toolkit will give you a clear method for updating your ParishSoft census data to provide the most current and accurate information about your parishioners.