Confirming the Baptized Adult

Baptized Adults Seeking Confirmation

Occasionally, parish staff encounters a baptized adult who would like to be confirmed. These adults should not be placed in the parish RCIA process. Instead, these adults should be engaged in conversation and their needs assessed. The results of the assessment will be used to determine the preparation needed for confirmation. 

The following toolkit offers suggestions to pastoral staffs that are responsible for preparing adults for various stages of initiation in addition to RCIA. This toolkit specifically addresses the adult(s) who has been previously baptized and received First Eucharist. 

This toolkit includes:

  • Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, ( FAQ)
  • Suggestions for creating a parish process that will meet individual needs
  • A sample planning chart
  • Resources for Adult Confirmation

If you have questions or need assistance with this toolkit, please contact:
Sr. Kathleen Burton, ssj
Co-director for Faith & Family Life Formation
Office of Lifelong Faith Formation

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