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(1) Resources for the Mission

Resources for Compassionate Outreach




Resources for the Mission


Challenge: As parishes consider their communal response to the Diocesan Vision of Caring for our sisters and brothers in need, a lack of funds may deter them from completely exploring different ideas and options.


A Tool from Catholic Charities:

Parishes may contact and call the following individual at the Catholic Charities offices in Camden:

John Marcantuono, MSW


Office of Community Support

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, Inc.

1845 Haddon Avenue

Camden, New Jersey 08103


Office:                (856) 342 – 8786

Business Cell:    (856) 366 – 3043



Mr. Marcantuono has over thirty years of experience in non-profit resource development, program development and strategic planning. He can help parishes consider how to apply for different sources of funds, for whatever form of compassionate outreach the parish may be considering.  The Catholic Charities Office of Community Support can also help parishes shape their concept and funding applications, as well as help with the process of considering all factors and conditions (positive and negative) before submitting particular grant applications. The Office of Community Support can also help to strengthen and better structure grant applications and this will hopefully lead to a more favorable review of applications by funding sources.

(4) Domestic Violence

Resources for Compassionate Outreach




Domestic Violence




As many as one in three families are impacted by domestic violence at least once in their lifetime.  Domestic violence is a broad term used to describe a range of harmful behaviors between spouses, parent and child, or siblings.  These behaviors may include, but are not limited to pushing, hitting, kicking, physically stopping someone from trying to leave a room, or using intimidation to control another’s behavior.  Although victims of violence often keep the abuse a secret, when they choose to reach out for help, they will often go to a church representative even before they will seek out a friend or medical professional.  Often, the request for assistance comes at a point when violence has escalated and the victim is most at risk.  Their requests for help, however, are usually subtle and unless the church representative knows what to look for or what to ask, the victim may leave feeling unassisted and remain in danger.


A Tool from Catholic Charities:


Catholic Charities’ Behavioral Health staff is well grounded in the language and philosophy of the USCCB statement on domestic violence; When I Call for Help.  Families experiencing this devastating family and social issue will have the comfort of knowing that at Catholic Charities we recognize the sanctity of marriage and the desire to preserve families when possible.  Our professional therapy staff also recognizes the dignity of each human person and the right each has to be treated with respect and to be free from violence, and for those who perpetrate violence to be held accountable for their destructive actions.


In addition to providing information about recognizing the signs of domestic violence and the resources available in the community, our professional staff is also able to share the content and message of the Bishops’ letter in clear and practical terms.


Pastors and Parishes should feel free to contact Ms. Sylvia Loumeau for assistance in scheduling an interactive session on domestic violence and the Church’s teaching at 856-342-4162 or by email at

(3) Behavioral Health Speaker

Resources for Compassionate Outreach




Learning about Mental Health


Challenge: Throughout our communities in the Diocese of Camden people encounter topics concerning emotional health, or have family members affected by mental illness, social anxiety, bi-polar personality, drug and alcohol abuse, parenting difficulties, marital problems and separation, grief and loss, and domestic violence, and many other mental illnesses and emotional trauma.  For many parishioners these are frightening or confusing terms, and yet the subject of emotional health is very serious and certainly a key element in the health of Catholic families and individuals.  Parishes might like to avail themselves of subject matter experts in order that they become better informed on the issue of mental health.


A Tool from Catholic Charities:


Catholic Charities’ Behavioral Health program is available to all parishes for public education sessions about the above and other mental health topics which can be tailored to the needs and circumstances of the audience.  Pastors and Parishes should feel free to contact Ms. Sylvia Loumeau, Director of Behavioral Health, at 856-342-4162 or by email at, for assistance in designing a parish public education session on a very wide variety of topics related to mental health, family difficulties, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse.   

Why Parish Toolkits?

Why Parish Toolkits? 


The 4th Key Factor for Successful Implementation of the Pastoral Priorities is the availability of resources that parishes may use to facilitate their pastoral plan for a particular priority.  The diocesan offices, whose ministry is to be of service to parishes, have designed a collection of Parish Toolkits for this purpose.

 How can I access a Parish Toolkit?

Since the diocese began the Harvesting Gifts phase of Pastoral Planning on September 18, 2010, a workplace on the diocesan website has been dedicated to parishes to assist them as they plan their approach to the Pastoral Priorities.  These parish Toolkits may be accessed by clicking onto the name of the Pastoral Priority, such as Priestly Vocations, or other listed resource locations, and by searching for a Parish Toolkit that will address the need.

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