(5) Creating the Pastoral Plan

Pastoral Planning Toolkit # 5 – Creating the Pastoral Plan

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist parish Pastoral Councils, parish staffs, and other ministry leaders in the process of determining the focus of their pastoral plan by considering the facets of a vibrant parish in their own context.  This information will lead them to the actual construction of objectives.

Approach to Implementation

Three working sessions over a three week period will be facilitated by the Pastoral Planning Office and/or other diocesan staff with the Parish Pastoral Council.  Working sessions will result in the completion of a pastoral plan that will be communicated to ministry members and staff for implementation. This information will become the data for the pastoral plan.

Roles and Responsibilities

Pastor, Pastoral Council, parish staff, will be expected to participate in these work sessions.  They will be involved in the assessment of parish life and in the process of arriving at the objectives of the pastoral plan.  They will provide communication to the wider parish community via bulletin board displays, website, pulpit, and bulletin announcements.


The Pastoral Council will be introduced to the “Plan-Do-Check” method and given the process to utilize as they create and implement the work of their pastoral plan.

Expected Resources (- cost, staff, computer, or other tools needed)

The Planning Office will provide the training for each participant and a folder with materials to begin the process.  As planning proceeds, the Pastoral Council may need to check with the finance council in order to see if the cost of their plan is possible. Contact the Planning Office at at 856.583.2843 to make arrangements.