(9) Why is Spirituality Essential for Parish Pastoral Councils?

Why is Spirituality Essential for Parish Pastoral Councils?

The purpose of this toolkit is to foster an understanding of the meaning of Catholic spirituality and how it relates to the ministry of leadership that Pastoral councils bring to the parish.

Approach to Implementation
A 16 slide power point presentation explores Catholic Spirituality, faith sharing, the mission of the pastoral council, and use of discernment and provides input for reflection and faith sharing.  It may conclude with a simple litany of prayer to the Holy Spirit (Handout 9a).

Roles and Responsibilities
Pastor, Pastoral Council, and/or parish staff are participants in a single “retreat-like” session.  After an opening prayer designed locally, the power point is introduced.
There is a script that augments some of the slides that is available to the facilitator.

A morning or evening session of approximately 1 to 2 hours should be given to this activity.  The participants will be invited to consider spirituality in light of their ministry to the parish with the desired outcome of a deepened personal and communal commitment to the mission of Jesus.

Expected Resources
The Planning Office will provide the facilitation if so desired.  The environment preparation should include a screen, chairs in a half circle or arranged strategically for viewing and communication; an area with sacred signs – bible, candle, etc. – is also desirable.

Intercessory Prayer

Script to accompany “Spirituality for Pastoral Councils” presentation

Spirituality for Pastoral Councils PowerPoint