(3) How Will We Choose Our Parish’s Pastoral Priority?

How will we choose Our Parish’s Pastoral Priority?

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist parish Pastoral Councils in the process of determining the pastoral priority that they will choose for the parish implementation.

Approach to Implementation

The pastor or chairperson conducts this process with the Parish Pastoral Council.  It may be conducted at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Roles and Responsibilities

Pastor, Pastoral Council, parish staff, will be expected to participate in these work sessions.  They will discuss the pastoral priorities and determine how best to get the information from parishioners that will help determine the parish’s need.


Three basic processes will be presented (pew survey, phone-a-thon, town hall meeting). The PPC determines which one will fulfill their need after each is explored.  (A copy of this toolkit has been provided to pastors in the Pastoral Council folder they received from the pastoral planning office when setting up new councils).

Expected Resources

The Pastoral Council will determine which process best fulfills their parish’s needs. They will make the necessary contacts and provide the materials needed for the information to be gathered.   Samples may be downloaded from the website and adapted locally.  The staff of the Pastoral Planning Office is available if needed.

How Will We Choose Our Parish’s Pastoral Priority?

Pastoral Priorities Goals and Strategies Worksheet