(2) What Skills Can Help Me Lead Teams/ Committees?

What Skills Can Help Me Lead Teams/Committees?

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist clergy or lay leaders in the skills required by leading groups, such as characteristics of good leaders, collaborative leaders, facilitation leaders, and recorders.

Approach to Implementation

Two working sessions will be facilitated by the Pastoral Planning Office and/or others with groups of parish leaders.  Each session goes from 2 to 3 hours so they could be scheduled on one day with a lunch break or on two evenings.

Roles and Responsibilities

Participants will be asked to use the skills they have been taught for groups that they lead in the parish.


Participants will be guided by the power point presentation to interactive and group  sharing.  There are concluding activities to bring back to the whole group.

Expected Resources

The power point, directions, and colored handout are available on the website and may be downloaded locally.  The Pastoral Planning Office staff members are available to facilitate these two presentations, if so desired.

The room should be prepared with a screen or blank wall for the power point and round tables for the participants.  Handout 2a should be available for each participant.

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What Skills Can Help Me Lead Teams/ Committees? PowerPoint