Catholic Social Teaching

Is your parish looking for a way to familiarize your
members who are engaged in social justice, in
compassionate outreach, with Catholic Social teachings?

If so, then this toolkit provides a way to offer a series of seven
evenings of adult faith formation based on the documents/sources
for the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching.

This toolkit is built on the correlation of the 7 themes with the
Catechism created by Sr. Antoine Lawlor which was used by
Norman Roberts as a member of the Peace and Justice Ministry
at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano, Texas, Diocese of Dallas.
Norman crafted the design for the evenings, and the correlations
to the other three documents listed below.

If the design works for your parish, there is no end to creativity that
you might employ to explore the Church’s teaching that undergird
the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching!


The documents cited for use in this toolkit are found online
at either or
You may want to BOOKMARK or add them to your FAVORITES on your computer.

The documents listed below are only a sample of the Church’s Social Justice teachings;
specifically, those that we used to create these discussion grids.

For additional Church teaching on social justice issues, go to
either the Vatican website or to the US Catholic Bishop’ website.

Caritas in Veritate:
Go to

Faithful citizenship:
Go to

Catechism of the Catholic Church:
Go to

Gaudium et Spes is a Vatican II document which is found on the Vatican website.
Go to

You may contact the creators of these sessions and correlation documents at:           

These are the documents you will need to host these sessions:
Session design for sharing on Catholic Social Teaching
CST themes
Gaudium et Spes Cross Reference
Caritas in Veritate Cross Reference
Faithful Citizenship Cross Reference
Catechism Cross Reference
Sample Session on Theme 2
Examination of Conscience