(10) What is the Vision for the Future of the Church of South Jersey?

What is the Vision for the Future of the Church of South Jersey?

The purpose of this toolkit is set the diocesan Vision Statement in the minds and hearts of people around the diocese in order to lead them in its expressions of gospel activity.

Approach to Implementation
This half-hour session is based on a power point presentation of the Vision Statement.
The Power point is a discussion starter based on a line by line illustration of the text.
It opens the concepts to personal interpretation so that the meaning becomes accessible to a variety of groups in parishes.

Roles and Responsibilities
All leaders and parishioners, the baptized, are responsible to put flesh on the words of our vision. This is a simple way to foster an understanding of all that the Vision Statement says about the people of God in South Jersey.

Any parish leader may use this as a meeting starter or reflection at a parish gathering. It may be used as a starting activity for meetings, or as a formational tool for a variety of groups that meet in parishes.  It may provide the beginning of a parish planning session.

Expected Resources
If participants are given a copy of the power point presentation with 3 slides on a page and lines for writing beside each slide, they engage in a “breaking open” of each slide it may assist them in group brainstorming to make the vision their own.

It may lead to discussion on questions such as:
o How do we manifest this in our parish?
o Can we find ways to bring this alive?
o How can we dream about and project our future growth into vibrant parish life?

Additionally, there is a page found here – “Facilitator’s Comments” that may be used as a sample discussion starter for the group that is reflecting on the Vision Statement.

Facilitator’s Comments

Vision for the Future of the Church of South Jersey