(1) What is Catholic Evangelization



This session presents and explains “Go and Make Disciples,” fosters the goals and objectives of this USCCB document, and renews understanding of Catholic evangelization.

Approach to Implementation:

This two-hour work session includes a PowerPoint presentation and a group discussion leading to a renewed understanding of evangelization in a Catholic context.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Pastors, pastoral associates, pastoral councils, parish evangelization teams, people interested in becoming evangelizers, and parish staff will be expected to participate in this session. Parish staff would have the responsibility to provide the location, invite people and take registrations.


The participants will be introduced to the USCCB document “Go and Make Disciples” and will learn how to use it to be a better evangelizing parish. The main topics for this session are:

  • A Vision of Catholic Evangelization
    • What is Evangelization?
    • Why Do We Evangelize?
    • How Does Evangelization Happen?
  • Presentation of Goals
  • Strategies for Implementation
  • Tools for Personal Evangelization

Expected Resources:

The Office of Lifelong Faith Formation – Evangelization will provide the training for each participant and a folder with materials, including a copy of the summary of the USCCB document “Go and Make Disciples.”

Contact Information:

Andres Arango
Office of Lifelong Faith Formation
Evangelization, and Hispanic Ministries 
Phone: (856) 583-6181