(1) How can Spirituality Animate our Pastoral Planning?

How can Spirituality Animate our Pastoral Planning?

If planning is to be “pastoral” one necessary ingredient is the faith-filled lives of the planners who are centered on the mission of Jesus, who are people of prayer, and who are dedicated to personal and communal discipleship.

The purpose of this toolkit is to assist Parish Pastoral Councils to see the spiritual dimension of pastoral planning.  They will experience faith sharing in the form of Lectio Divina.

Approach to Implementation

This is a two hour power point session (35 slides) for evenings or Saturday mornings, facilitated by one of the Pastoral Planning Office staff or anyone who would feel comfortable facilitating this with the Parish Pastoral Council.

Roles and Responsibilities

Pastor, Pastoral Council, parish staff, will be expected to participate in this session. They will be invited to listen to the presentation.  At slide 1 there is an opportunity to introduce Lectio Divina and there is a handout to accompany this presentation.
After the last slide, participants are asked to consider the concluding activities.


The ancient practice of Lectio Divina will be taught in the context of the scripture story of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus.  There is a handout available that may be used to teach the components of Lectio Divina.

Expected Resources

The Planning Office will provide the power point presentation, the script for the facilitator, Lectio handout, and will facilitate the event if so desired.  The power point and handout are also available on the website for downloading locally.

The parish will conduct a Gathering Prayer, and will set the environment with a screen or blank wall for projection, chairs in a circle (or 2 if needed), and a small table with a bible, candle, flowers, etc.

How Can Spirituality Animate our Pastoral Planning? Facilitator Script

How Can Spirituality Animate our Pastoral Planning? PowerPoint

Lectio Divina for Pastoral Planning

Vision Statement