Vocation Connections

Parish Toolkit #3


Priestly Vocations



How can I utilize the internet as a means to encourage young men and women who might feel called to priesthood or religious life?


                Most parishes have already created excellent websites or have the means to improve them in order to include a section directed particularly to vocations. Pictures and information on the diocesan seminarians as well as upcoming events, retreats etc through the vocation office could be regularly made available to the parish. Vocation stories of the parish priests, sisters, deacons along with varying parishioners could be shared. Compelling stories from family and friends involving priest, deacons and religious could be very encouraging The inspiring stories of saints could also encourage individuals to turn to God more regularly in discerning their call. The parish website could also be utilized by the vocation team of the parish to get information out regarding activities they are hosting. Those who are considering a call to the priesthood, religious life or diaconate could turn to the parish website to get information for directions on what steps to take and for additional support from the parish community.  Individuals should be chosen who will update and keep this site active weekly/ monthly.