Parish Vocation Prayer Campaign

Parish Toolkit #1


Priestly Vocations Pastoral Priority


How can we promote vocations through prayer in our parishes?


Prayer is essential to promoting vocations in our parishes and in the church as a whole.

There are a great many ways in which this can be fostered and encouraged.


  1. A daily insert in the intercessions at Mass can be added for all Masses throughout the year.


  1. A specific prayer can be written that could be prayed at the end of Mass or in Religious Ed/ parish school with the students each day.


  1. The announcements can be a great place to weekly remind parishioners to pray for vocations as well.


  1. A prayer card can be written that families could take home to pray together each night.


  1. The names of the seminarians or priest and religious within the particular parish could be added.


  1. An invitation to residence of senior homes within the parish boundaries could be considered as well as the sick and homebound visited by Eucharistic ministers.


  1. Home Masses would also be a tremendous way to encourage prayer for vocations and offer opportunities to more personally get to know ones parish priest.


  1. A Chalice could travel from home to home in which families could be reminded to pray for vocations and the parish priest.


Volunteers in the parish would need to be formed to implement these objectives or these could be accomplished through the parish liturgy committee.


The Vocation Office would gladly assist in this area with supplies, prayer cards and anyway they could assist the parish.


Contact Fr. Michael Romano at 856-583-2864 or Linda deCosta at 856-583-2858.