(1) Is Your Parish in Need of a Life and Justice Coordinator?

Life and Justice Tool Kit #1

1 – This toolkit is for those parishes that choose to have a Life and Justice Coordinator on their Parish Pastoral Council or Ministry Team.

2 – The Director of Life and Justice will set up a meeting with the Pastor, including the Parish Staff, if possible.

3 – In preparation for that meeting, the Director of Life and Justice will send a copy of the Mission Statement, the Functions, and the Job Description of Life and Justice. (see attached # 1)

4 – During the meeting, the Director of Life and Justice will propose concrete ways to begin the process of developing a Life and Justice Coordinator(s), grounded in Scripture and Tradition, as well as bringing other interested parishioners into this consistent ethic of life consciousness.

5 – Step one of this process is to invite Parishioners to an information meeting using the following Parish bulletin announcement:


you have an interest in discussing the least known teachings of our Catholic Faith; unless you want to know why Jesus is so demanding; unless you want to explore more deeply who God is, who Jesus is, what the world beyond our own looks like, and how Jesus calls us to live in a world marked by such poverty, hunger, violence, and despair; how we are called to recognize and protect the life and dignity of every person from conception to natural death.  We will meet on ______Date____________, _____Place________, __Time_________   Larry DiPaul, Director of Life and Justice for the Camden Diocese, will facilitate this session.  To register, please call 856-583-6119.


6 – Gather information from that meeting, and offer interested parishioners a series of follow-up sessions (see attachment #2, in the hope that some participants would then be situated to serve as Life and Justice Coordinator(s).

Life and Justice

Life and Justice Spiritual Foundations