How Young Adult Responsive is My Faith Community?

How Young Adult Responsive is My Faith Community?

Why do the assessment?

–  The parish would like to focus on young adult ministry

–  Young adults from the parish would like to connect more deeply with the parish

–  We wonder where twenty & thirty somethings are?

–  In response to the Barna Study for the Diocese of Camden

–  In response to the Year of Faith or the New Evangelization

Suggestions for doing the assessment:

Who is needed to do this well?

This tool is designed for parish staff, pastoral councils, and young adult parishioners in order to continue or begin a conversation and action steps regarding young adult ministry.

Parish staff includes:  pastor, parochial vicars, parish secretaries, parish catechetical leader, liturgical music leaders, key ministry leaders, youth ministry leader, and school principal

Key parish council representatives and parishioners include:  bereavement ministry leaders, marriage preparation team leaders, baptismal preparation team leaders, Confirmation preparation leaders, parish sporting team leaders, members of the Knights of Columbus, Moms group, St. Vincent de Paul Society…

Understanding: Who are young adults?

Young adults are considered between the ages of 18 – 39

  • —  single
  • —  engaged
  • —  married
  • —  married with children
  • —  single-again
  • —  in & out of college
  • —  professionals
  • —  in the military
  • —  single with children
  • —  immigrants
  • —  migrant workers


If you or your parish community would like to learn more about Young Adult Ministry or how to connect with young adults, please contact Greg Coogan at or 856-583-6122. We are here to help!

Parish Assessment for a Young Adult Responsive Community

Make Your Parish Young Adult Friendly