(8) What are some Vital (and not so vital) Signs of the Catholic Parish Today?

What are some Vital (and some not so vital) Signs of the Catholic Parish Today?

This is a very basic power-point presentation (21 slides) that utilizes a true story (NJ – Our Lady of C. and Father Iwanowski story told at slide #7).  The session encourages breaks for group discussion (small or large) throughout the session.  It is designed for awareness of parish styles that exhibit vital or not so vital signs.   It is a 1 or 2 hour session.

Approach to Implementation
This is recommended before using #5 How Vibrant is our Parish? in parishes that have not yet taken up the work of the pastoral priorities, or appear to be at the beginning stages of pastoral planning.

It may be used with the Pastoral Council as a session after toolkit #4 (the parish pastoral council) and the pastoral plan) to assist them in focusing toward growth.

Roles and Responsibilities
This power point may be used by local leaders to focus the ministry teams, parish staff, or parish pastoral council on parish types.   It leads them toward the choice of collaboration as the desired form of parish administration and provides for discussion throughout the presentation.

Participants are actively engaged in creating a sketch of their present parish and are given some characteristics of parish vitality.

Expected Resources
The Planning Office is available to facilitate if so desired.

The Catholic Parish Today PowerPoint