(2) Responding to the Recession

Resources for Compassionate Outreach




Responding to the Recession


Challenge: Many Catholic households have been affected by the economic downturn.  Families have lost jobs, have fallen behind on mortgage or rent payments, have no money for food, are undocumented, or are otherwise burdened by expenses outpacing household income.  Many families approach the Parish seeking assistance.  The bewildering variety and complexity of public and private programs can be confusing and frustrating for Parish Social Ministers.


A Tool from Catholic Charities


Catholic Charities has a Family and Community Services Center in each County of the Diocese.  Each of our offices has a variety of tools which may be helpful to households and individuals who are in distress because of the recession.  While Catholic Charities does not have an unlimited supply of funds, our experienced staff can help Parish Social Ministers find solutions for struggling families and individuals.  Think of our team as guides to the wide and oft-times confusing world of government and private assistance.


Parishes should feel free to contact John Desparrois, Administrator for the Family and Community Centers at 856-691-1841 ext. 12 or by email at John.desparrois@camdendiocese.org