(4) How do I manage computer service and hardware needs?

How do I manage computer services and hardware needs?

Over the last several years, the Diocesan IT Department has undergone efforts to consolidate the purchasing power of the Diocese across all its operations.  This has resulted in significantly reduced pricing for computers, printers and network equipment.  Those discounts are available to individual parishes as well.  Please reference the following table for vendor contact information.





Computers and Servers

Corey Snell                                (521) 946-2155


Printers and Network Equipment

Michael Nardella                         (800) 767-3282 x2384

Insight Technology Solutions

Software and Licensing

Lance Ladwig                              (800) 467-4448 x5344

You can contact the Diocesan Information Technology Department at 856 342-4111 if you have any questions in regard to your hardware and computing needs.  They can also recommend other vendors beyond those mentioned above that might be able to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing.  Additionally, the department can simply provide a second opinion or take a look at any proposals that may have been submitted to you.


You can contact the following companies for assistance in the following technologies: 



Phone Carrier Assistance

DeMarco Telecom Services      (856) 782-8391

Phone System Assistance

Common Sense Technologies LLC(610) 626-1800

Computer & Network Assistance

NPower Inc.                          (215) 557-1559

For all other technologies and specific questions not addressed in this document, we suggest that you contact the Diocesan Information Technology Department at 856 342-4111.