(12) Leadership Skills that Work

Pastoral Planning Toolkit #12
Leadership Skills that Work

Leadership Skills are important to the effectiveness of any human group.  This is equally true for those in parish leadership positions.  Good leadership is crucial to moving the vision forward and collaborating with others in bringing it to strategic action.

Approach to Implementation
This Toolkit is a power point presentation of 39 slides that can be viewed individually or reflected on by a group of leaders who engage in a mutually enlightening dialogue.  It contains a variety of proven tips for leaders contributed by proven leaders in the fields, both business and church related.

Roles and Responsibilities
Anyone who administers a parish, a staff, program, or ministry group is responsible to bring leadership skills to the table as they envision success in their plans and endeavors to deliver the message of the gospel in this time and locale.

This power point and dialogue can be facilitated by anyone for whom the leadership skills are imperative.  Participants may be asked to view the online resource as a preparation for their dialogue gathering, or they may view it together and stop periodically to assess the skills cited and their applicability to the groups they lead.

Expected Resources
If a projector is not available the slides may be printed 3 per page and given to participants for notes and comments.  An evening is sufficient for viewing and group discussion.  Follow-up may be designed according to the direction that the group takes with the material as it relates personally or to the group.

Leadership Skills that Work PowerPoint