(1) How do I manage internet domain names to ensure proper web and email presence?

How do I manage internet domain names to ensure proper web and email presence?

Your domain name is the information following the @ sign in your email address.  For example, the domain name for the Diocese of Camden is camdendiocese.org. It is also the name you use to identify your web page. 

For example, www.camdendiocese.org.  You will need to determine how long you will keep the existing domain name and if you plan on re-registering it once the registration has expired.

If you do not know how you obtained your domain name, you should contact the Diocesan Information Technology Department at 856 342-4111.  They will be able to help you find out who registered the domain and who is on record as the manager of the name.  A domain name is obtained and/or renewed though a domain registrar such as Network Solutions or Go Daddy.  A domain name can be registered for as little as one year or as long as 100 years.  Continued registration of a domain name ensures that it will not be sold to another organization for their use.  If you no longer wish to use your domain name going forward, you could simply let the registration expire by not renewing when the renewal time is due. 

There is often much confusion surrounding domain names.  It is important to note that the domain name is completely separate from your web page and email from a management perspective.  It is possible for you to manage the domain name and have someone else design/update/manage your web presence and email accounts. 

If you currently do not manage the domain name and are interested in managing it yourself, please contact the Information Technology Department at (856) 342-4111.