Planned Giving

Planned Giving Toolkit

Has your parish recently conducted a capital campaign, but could really use a few more large, future gifts that could make a significant difference?  Or, is there a potential large donor in your parish who is capable of making a gift but is afraid to because of the current economic environment?  Or, maybe there is someone in your parish who would really like to make a difference but just doesn’t know how to do it?

Current scientific research suggests that over the next 50 years, there is the potential for an intergenerational transfer of wealth in the United States totalling anywhere from $41and $136 trillion dollars. This is the first time a transfer of this magnitude has occurred in American history, and it may very well be the last.

If someone believes in the mission and vision of our church, the tax laws of the United States, “make it possible” for individuals to use a variety of planned giving techniques to make charitable contributions, while avoiding taxes and permitting the transfer of dollars outside one’s estate.   In essence, individuals can support our mission at no net cost to themselves.

Our own research has shown that the parishes and programs of the Diocese can be significant beneficiaries of this transfer.

If you would like to conduct a Will/Planned Giving seminar in your parish, school or organization, that will help your parish and/or school obtain this type of support, the Office of Development can help you.

We will:

  • Meet with your finance or parish council to introduce the concept and to answer questions.
  • Draft invitations and parish bulletin announcements.
  • Help structure your presentation to fit your parish.
  • Recruit speakers and provide materials.
  • Monitor the impact of the program, do follow-ups, and advise you of the outcomes.

We can do this all at virtually no cost to you beyond copying, postage, refreshment and meeting space costs.


If you are interested, please contact Jim Lanahan, Director of Development, Diocese of Camden at 856-583-6125 or e-mail