Parish Accessibility “Welcome & Inclusion” Survey Toolkit

“Welcome & Inclusion” Survey Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to evaluate the parish efforts in “Welcoming and Including” parishioners with disabilities into the life of the Church.  The toolkit provides a simple survey concerning the inclusion needs of persons with disabilities.  The answers to these questions will encourage the parish to develop concrete ways to “welcome and include” persons with disabilities into the life of the Church.

Approach to Implementation:

A walking tour of parish buildings inside and out will result in answers to many questions about the physical barriers of the parish campus.  Knowledge of parishioners and various ministries within the parish will help to identify how often persons with disabilities are “welcomed and included” in the life of the Church.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Pastor, Pastoral Council, parish staff and members of the parish will be asked to participate in this survey to identify persons with disabilities as well as report the physical barriers that the parish buildings may present to persons with disabilities.  Communication to all members of the parish can be shared through website, pulpit and Church bulletin announcements.


No training involved…just answer questions to survey.  Once the results are realized, the pastor, parish staff and members of the parish would be introduced to the Parish Advocacy Program which will help them create a method of identifying persons with disabilities.
Expected Resources:

The office of Persons with Disabilities will provide the survey for each participant.  If the results of the survey reveal physical barriers, the finance office may need to be consulted before any renovations to the parish buildings would be possible.

“Welcome and Inclusion” Parish Accessibility Survey