(6) How can we Forgive the Church and be Reconciled with One Another?

How can we Forgive the Church, and be Reconciled with One Another?


The purpose of this toolkit is to invite the parishioner/participants to be reconciled as they consider the Paschal Mystery and their place in relation to Jesus’ profound example.
Approach to Implementation

Power point driven, (26 slides – a 1.5 hr. to 2 hr. session) this session is a reflection on the components of forgiveness as noted in scripture which acknowledge the pain of parish reconfiguration or change of any type in a parish.
Roles and Responsibilities

This presentation could be used with a variety of groups in the parish, especially with those who feel the loss of their former place of worship, such as senior groups, etc.

The facilitator may want to accent one aspect over another, depending on the audience, such as images of God, discipleship, reconciliation, Rembrandt’s work seen through the eyes of Henri Nouwen.

Readings from Nouwen’s legacy can be used for a ritual or in small group discussions.
These readings may be used a resource for planning the ritual or small group discussions or a copy may be simply provided for each participant.

The facilitator may be anyone in the parish who has some theological understanding of the content and some experience with group facilitation, such as the pastor, the parochial vicar, pastoral associate or lifelong formation director, or other parish leader.   The facilitator will need to review the power point presentation and adapt it to their local needs.
Expected Resources

Environment should be prepared with a screen.  If conducted in Church, it may be difficult to provide the opportunity for small group discussion.  If a ritual is prepared as the conclusion, however, the Church may be a good location for this session.

Optional Resource:  (see last slide) Facilitator may want to read Nouwen’s book, The Return of the Prodigal Son:  A Story of Homecoming.  (Doubleday, 1994)

How Can We Forgive the Church and be Reconciled with One Another? PowerPoint

Henri Nouwen’s Readings on the Church