Lifelong Faith Formation: Everyone’s Journey Everyday

Lifelong Faith Formation: Everyone’s Journey Everyday

DEFINITION:   This toolkit, entitled “Lifelong Faith Formation: Everyone’s Journey Everyday,” is designed to be an introduction to the concept of Lifelong Faith Formation (LFF) at the parish level.  A 45-minute to one-hour PowerPoint presentation helps parish folks to understand its meaning, as well as its theology, history and pedagogy.  A definition of Lifelong Faith Formation is provided and explained, as well as a brief history of CCD and Religious Education.  The presentation also provides an overview of nine (9) principles or characteristics of LFF.

The session concludes with a handout or booklet of all diocesan LFF staff with brief descriptions of their particular ministries, including contact information.  They are ready and willing to work with parish staffs and parents on any aspect of LFF.  Some online resources are also named in this booklet for use by parish staff and/or parish communities who are considering new ways to do faith formation for parishioners of all ages.  Questions and conversation then will be welcomed from participants.

The session will conclude with prayer. 

APPROACH:   Call or email Sr. Roseann Quinn, SSJ, Delegate for Lifelong Faith Formation, at 856-583-6124 or  to discuss the particular needs and requests of your parish community.

Schedule a presentation date for “Lifelong Faith Formation: Everyone’s Journey Everyday” for your parish staff, those interested in bringing this new lifelong approach to your parish community, or the parish community itself.  Please call or email Debbie Cutter, Administrative Assistant for Lifelong Faith Formation, at 856-583-6123 or

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES:   The parish assumes responsibility for publicizing the session locally and for providing an appropriate meeting room with tables and chairs to accommodate the expected number.  A sample of a flyer can be requested from the Office of Lifelong Faith Formation to announce this event via the parish bulletin and possibly email lists or US mail.

Assign a parish contact person to work out presentation details with Debbie Cutter, Administrative Assistant for LFF,

FORMATION:   Beyond this introduction of LFF, continuing parish formation sessions can be arranged with diocesan personnel listed on the handout/booklet.

Parish formation for Lifelong Faith is also available through Lifelong Faith Associates at  Additional resources (videos, books, DVDs) are available through Twenty-Third Publications at or

EXPECTED RESOURCES:   The parish is expected to provide hospitality to participants from the parish (and perhaps, neighboring parishes as well).  The presenter will bring sufficient handouts, based on the number of respondents to the RSVP on the flyer.  This presentation is offered at no cost to any parish, although a trip to Ireland would be nice…

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