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 Crisis Pregnancy


An unplanned pregnancy…It may be a chance encounter or someone has singled you out seeking advice or direction, with the devastating news, of an unplanned pregnancy.  You may be uncomfortable or consider yourself ill-equipped to respond to such a request.

A Tool from Catholic Charities:

Parishes may contact and call the following individual at the Catholic Charities offices in Vineland:

Nancy Hickman, CSW
Crisis Pregnancy and Adoption Department
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, Inc.
810 Montrose St.
Vineland, New Jersey 08360

Office:   (856) 691-1909


The Pregnancy and Adoption Department of Catholic Charities Diocese of Camden has been in existence since 1945.  Over the years, we have counseled a countless number of women faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Many have sought the support of Catholic Charities on their own, but others have been referred by a parish representative. The majority of these women, with the support of the department, have chosen to parent their babies.  Still others have decided to place their babies with Catholic Charities for adoption.  Whatever the outcome, it is important that we have the tools to support a prospective birthmother in making this life changing decision.

Catholic Charities’ Pregnancy and Adoption department is available to assist Pastors and Parish Social Ministers in developing systems of support that will enable you to confidently and comfortably respond to a request for pregnancy counseling.  Please feel free to contact the department to schedule a meeting.