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Adoption… Anyone who has adopted a child will tell you the journey was at times arduous and at times exhilarating.  The initial decision to adopt, the home study process, and the time waiting for a child overflows with emotional highs and lows.

A Tool from Catholic Charities:

Parishes may contact and call the following individual at the Catholic Charities offices in Vineland:

Nancy Hickman, CSW
Crisis Pregnancy and Adoption Department
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, Inc.
810 Montrose St.
Vineland, New Jersey 08360

Office:  (856) 691-1909

The Adoption Department has been in existence for over sixty years.  During that time, a great many newborns were adopted by loving families throughout the Diocese of Camden.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s it was not unusual to record thirty or forty adoptions a year.  Today the story is quite different.  The average wait for a healthy newborn is four to five years.  Countless prospective birthparents choose not to involve an agency in their adoption plan and are adapting their search for prospective adoptive parents via social media: the Internet and Facebook.

In your desire for a child and before you sign on with an adoption agency or contemplate the use of social media, it is prudent to acclimate yourself to the language of adoption.  What is a home study?  What is the difference between a closed, semi-open and open adoption, etc.?  Catholic Charities’ Adoption department is available to parishes for public presentations on the adoption process. Pastors and Parish Social Ministers please feel free to contact the department to schedule a session.

All calls are strictly confidential.