(6) Providing Leadership Training

Maturing Adult Ministry
Toolkit #6
Providing Leadership Training

All ministries will benefit from well-formed and educated ministers.

Co-workers in the Vineyard of the Lord (USCCB 2005) proposes four major areas of formation for those serving as lay ministers:
      Human formation—developing and ongoing process of greater maturity.
           Human qualities, critical to forming wholesome relationships, are necessary to be able instruments of God’s love and compassion.
      Spiritual formation—primarily based on a living union with Jesus Christ.
           Spirituality & practice of prayer, rooted in God’s Trinitarian Life, grounds and animates all they do in ministry.
      Intellectual formation—an understanding and mature appreciation of the Catholic faith.
           Knowledge, theological, pastoral and intellectual, along with the skills to apply it in the ministry setting is vital to ministry.
      Pastoral formation—development of the knowledge, attitude and skills that relate to effective functioning in a ministerial setting.
          This will include pastoral abilities which are called for in the particular ministry.

Many resources are available for formation of MAM ministers, parish leaders and coordinators. The Office of Lifelong Faith Formation, Faith and Family Life Formation along with the Lay Ministry Formation Program are ready to help parishes in this area.

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     Catholic Network for Adult Faith Formation:  http://www.cnaff.org
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