(5) Assembling a Parish Team

Maturing Adult Ministry
Toolkit #5
Assembling a Parish Team

Parish Maturing Adult Ministry will need the support of a team.  Because of the various areas needing pastoral responses and the variety of activities which will be planned, the Coordinator would be wise to call on other parishioners’ gifts and talents in order to carry out the ministry.  This team will vary in number based on individual parish needs.

Responsibilities of the team:
      consult with the coordinator 
      give counsel to the coordinator
      serve as focus group for the coordinator
      together with the coordinator the team will
          • Animate the vision of the parish’s ministry with maturing adults.
          • Serve as representatives of the ministry to the parish community; communicating with the pastor and other parishioners.
          • Encourage others to join the ministry; identifying talented persons for the ministry.
          • Talk-up the ministry to the larger parish community.
          • Review and evaluate parish programs within the context of the ministry; experiences, successes and concerns.
          • Provide for on-going formation of those providing the MAM.
          • Communicate with Diocesan staff regarding areas of formation and support.
          • Collaborate with Diocesan staff and other parishes, churches in the local community to provide activities.

      Depending on the needs of individual parishes or collaborating parishes sub-committees of the team may be needed for
          • Identifying suitable programs and/or organizations to contribute
          • Recruit/organize volunteers
          • Raising funds to help the MAM to thrive
          • Serve as leadership for all parish compassionate outreach programs.

Contact Information:
Mary Lou Hughes, Associate Director
Office of Lifelong Faith Formation
Faith & Family Life
(856) 583-6132