(4) Identifying a Parish Coordinator

Maturing Adult Ministry
Toolkit #4
Identifying a Parish Coordinator

The degree of preparation/formation of the coordinator must be determined relevant to the parish’s needs and the coordinator’s responsibilities.  A sense of the vision and goals of the ministry within the parish will be necessary on the coordinator’s part, along with their own personal sense of mission.

1. Responsibilities: 
A. Planning: must include budgetary needs
B. Implementing
C. Evaluating
D. Coordinating volunteers
E. Networking with Diocesan offices, nearby parishes & local seniors groups

2. Qualities:  The parish Coordinator should be
A. prayerful
B. faith-driven
C. authentic
D. committed
E. balanced
F. respectful
G. optimistic
H. tolerant
I. responsible
J. principled
K. adaptable
L. relational
M. humorous
N. well-prepared for this ministry.

3. Abilities:  The parish Coordinator should
A. know how to integrate spiritual growth with knowledge of the maturation process
B. needs to be supported by practical resources
C. acquire the skills and knowledge to truly make a difference in the ministry
D. have the knowledge and ability to radiate Christ’s peace.

Contact Information:
Mary Lou Hughes, Associate Director
Office of Lifelong Faith Formation
Faith & Family Life
(856) 583-6132