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Resources for Compassionate Outreach




Resources for the Mission


Challenge: As parishes consider their communal response to the Diocesan Vision of Caring for our sisters and brothers in need, a lack of funds may deter them from completely exploring different ideas and options.


A Tool from Catholic Charities:

Parishes may contact and call the following individual at the Catholic Charities offices in Camden:

John Marcantuono, MSW


Office of Community Support

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, Inc.

1845 Haddon Avenue

Camden, New Jersey 08103


Office:                (856) 342 – 8786

Business Cell:    (856) 366 – 3043

Email:                john.marcantuono@camdendiocese.org


Mr. Marcantuono has over thirty years of experience in non-profit resource development, program development and strategic planning. He can help parishes consider how to apply for different sources of funds, for whatever form of compassionate outreach the parish may be considering.  The Catholic Charities Office of Community Support can also help parishes shape their concept and funding applications, as well as help with the process of considering all factors and conditions (positive and negative) before submitting particular grant applications. The Office of Community Support can also help to strengthen and better structure grant applications and this will hopefully lead to a more favorable review of applications by funding sources.