(2) Needs Assessment and Program Planning

Maturing Adult Ministry
Toolkit #2
Needs Assessment & Program Planning

1. Needs Assessment:
      Know the parish demographics; determined through discussion with the pastor, other parish ministers and parish staff. Special attention to presence of nursing homes/assisted living/ adult communities within the parish.
      Determine the parish reputation; this will help define the setting of the MAM.
          How welcome are mature adults in the life of the parish, in its ministries.
          Are the seniors genuinely invited to participate in the faith formation life of the parish?
      Conduct a Spiritual Gifts Survey (available from Faith & Family Life office). This will determine best possible use of gifts and talents of the ministry team.
      Inventory parish activities and ministries.
          Outline the parish’s existing programs by age and state in life.
          Determine which address the spiritual/sacramental, emotional/psychological, community/social and pastoral care/service areas of pastoral response.

2. Planning programs
      Planning will be guided by the needs assessment findings and the areas of pastoral concern indicated by the inventory of parish activities.
      Integral to the success of the MAM is allowing participants to select and establish a well-balanced program. Not all activities should be strictly informational OR social OR spiritual.
      Numerous models are available for MAM:
          –Events are planned and people participate as they are able.
          –One group model meets on a regular basis.
          –Interest/lifestyle group model.
          –Small Christian Community
      Detailed information and resources are available through the Diocesan office.

Contact Information:
Mary Lou Hughes, Associate Director
Office of Lifelong Faith Formation
Faith & Family Life
(856) 583-6132