(1) The Four Stages of the Catechumenate

The Four Stages of the Catechumenate

This presentation is intended to be informational.

The goals of the presenter-led reflection are

  •  to help a parish organize a Catechumenate according to the vision of the church as articulated in both Universal and National statutes for RCIA.
  • to introduce or intensify the awareness of  the nature of the Catechumenate as a process of conversion to Christ rather than a program to “produce new Catholics.”
  • to orient new members of the parish’s RCIA team
    It is offered at present in English, however translation is possible with sufficient notice.

The presenter

  • can use the PowerPoint slides as a visual outline for his or her expansion of each of the “details” of the presentation.  Significant input from the presenter is essential – the Power Point provides the outline.
  • should be an experienced RCIA coordinator/director or catechist, comfortable with both developing the outline and engaging the participants with some thoughtful questions.
  • should be comfortable dealing with the possible dissonance between current practice in the parish and the ideal held forth by the church.
  • should be comfortable with adult learning methodology and faith-sharing

In preparation

  • Allow two hours for this since it involves both some content and significant participant reflection and sharing.
  • load the PowerPoint presentation into the laptop and be sure that the laptop, projector, and screen are all ready.
  • arrange comfortable seating so that participants are able to see the screen, hear the presenter, and converse with each other.
  • make some provision for refreshments.

If the parish does not have a suitable presenter for this offering, contact Stephen Obarski in the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation (Stephen.Obarski@camdendiocese.org or 856-583-6146)to see if he is available, or can find someone to make the presentation.

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