(1) Defining Maturing Adult Ministry

Maturing Adult Ministry
Toolkit #1
Defining Maturing Adult Ministry

       Ministry to Catholics 55+ has been underdeveloped and undervalued.
       It is usually limited to the “seniors club”.
       Maturing adults are not a homogeneous group.
       The general categories used here are Boomers, Builders and Elders.

Maturing Adult Ministry:
       is Christ-centered.
       goal is spiritual formation
       underlying idea: God calls every person to profound personal vocation.
       welcomes older adults into deeper involvement in parish life.
       honors the diversity of
             age
             stage
             personality
             physical needs
             ethnicity
             spirituality

      is developmental, ongoing and lifelong.
      focuses on three(3) dimensions of growth: spiritual, physical and psychological.
      content of the programs offered rises out of daily living, focusing on exterior and interior growth.
      is part of the Parish Plan.
      is consistent in its offerings.
      employs styles of teaching & learning unique to the people served.
      incorporates shared activities as well as shared growth in faith.

Contact Information:
Mary Lou Hughes
Associate Director
Office of Lifelong Faith Formation
Faith & Family Life
(856) 583-6132